MRT Bicycling Guidebook Updates


Page 14: Oak Haven Resort, listed in the guidebook, has converted to seasonal camping only and no longer allows overnight camping. However a touring cyclists recommended the Royal Oaks RV Park, at 2860 Washington Ave, Bemidji, MN, 218-751-8357. Located just 2 miles from downtown Bemidji.

​Page 20: I received an email from Jennise Gaines with the following changes to the MRT in Grand Rapids, MN. It appears they made the change to take advantage of local bike paths they have built. Jannise mentioned that the new route is well marked with MRT signs. Thanks Jennise for the update.

L at the roundabout onto CR23/Golf Course Rd .7 miles
L onto 14th Ave .3 miles
R onto 6th St .2 miles
Cont S on bike path .1 mile
R on 11th Ave then L on Pine Ridge Dr .1 mile
L on bike path .2
L onto 7th Ave then R on bike path .2 miles
R onto 4th St 1.1 mile
R onto River Rd/CR 3/CR 10 (to rejoin MRT in guidebook).

Page 113: States Motel in Hamilton, Il has closed. A short 2-4 mile ride across the  bridge into Koekuk, IA you will find the lodging listed on page 96.

​Page 171: I attended the Grand Opening in Memphis TN of the Big River Crossing on Oct 22, 2016 and documented the following new route across the Mississippi River. It is a great improvement!
FYI, the Mississippi River RV Park has closed. But it’s only a few more miles to T.O Fuller SP, a very nice campground.

Here are the updated directions to cross the MR into AR:

L thru parking lot of Martyr’s Memorial
R on Channel 3 Dr for LT .1 mile
R to enter Big River Crossing Bridge and cross the MR for .9 mile
Cont on bike path to cross under I-55 for 1 mile
Cont at SS on bike path to cross Bridgeport Rd for .4 mile
L at SS on Bridgeport Rd to ride behind interstate weigh station for 1 mile
R on bike path for 1 mile
Cont on bike path, passing entrance to Big River Levee Trail for 1 mile
R on South Loop Dr then immediately L on Broadway Blvd to rejoin MRT documented in the guidebook

Notes: The Big River Levee Trail is currently a 73 mile gravel bike trail that runs along the levee top from West Memphis to Marianna, AR. At present the surface is large gravel, but there are plans to add crushed shale.

If you plan to camp at Tom Sawyer RV Park you can turn left on South Loop Dr and ride for 2.4 miles to the entrance. Then you can follow South 8th St to rejoin the MRT on Broadway Blvd. 

Page 212:
A cyclists emailed me that Deer Park Lake Campground is not being maintained well after recent flooding. If anyone has an update please let me know.

Page 220: Rolf Stengl suggested a nice less expensive option for lodging in New Orleans. O'Keefe Plaza Hotel, 334 O'keefe Ave, New Orleans, LA, (504)524-5450. Thanks Rolf for the tip.


THERE ARE NO CHANGES AT THIS TIME FOR THE Bicycling Guide to the Lake Michigan Trail or Bicycling Guide to Route 66

Bicycling Guide to Route 66: I want to add contact information for Adventure Cycling Association, where cyclists will find a wealth of information to help them in planning their tours. Their address is 150 E. Pine St., Missoula, MT, 59802. Phone: (406)721-1776,, website: